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We’ve been helping homeowners sell their residential properties in San Diego County since 2008. Although many of our transactions are traditional sales, we also specialize in several unique situations such as short sales, foreclosures, For Sale by Owner, 2nd Life, and probates. Each of these has its own unique challenges and obstacles that takes an expert to navigate.


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A traditional, or equity sale, means you have equity. After paying off mortgages, liens, and closing costs you walk away with a profit! Of course, it should be the job of every REALTOR® to get their clients the most money, and do it as quickly as possible with the least amount of hassle. But the approach and details of how you get there can make a big difference on outcome and experience.
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A short sale is selling a property that is upside down or underwater. This happens when selling a property where the home's debt exceeds what a buyer is willing to pay. Short sales require bank approval, a process that can take many months and be filled with challenges. So why would a seller want to do a short sale then? There are advantages, which are significant.
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Foreclosure happens when a homeowner misses three or more months of mortgage payments and the lender begins the legal process to take back the property. No one wants to go into foreclosure and face the possibility of losing their home. But hardships happen. Now you’ve got to put a plan together to get out of it.
FSBO, or For Sale by Owner, sellers have decided to sell their properties on their own, without using a Realtor, usually because they don’t want to pay real estate commissions. We’re not going to mislead you. 6%. That’s how much less FSBO homes sell for on average over REALTOR® sold homes. So, yes, it does pay to use a Realtor, and there’s plenty of other reasons to use a broker, too.
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Some properties don’t sell the first time, or even after several tries. They become canceled, withdrawn, or expired listings. We call them 2nd life. These homes are sometimes challenging, as they become “stale” in the eyes of the buying public after sitting on the market unsold. All homes sell, but often they just need a new, fresh, and different fresh approach to selling.
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Probate is the legal process of authenticating a will and verifying the deceased person’s intentions are carried out. When there is no will or trust a probate court must decide how to distribute the assets. Often, real estate is the major asset in the estate and it needs to be sold. Probate sales are unique, with different procedures and rules over traditional sales. It takes an experienced Realtor to navigate these waters.

Our story

Rick Prag
Rick works with clients to ensure that homes are staged, priced, and marketed to maximize profits when selling. He also brings years of negotiating skills to ensure the best deals for both buyers and sellers.
It all happened in 2008. I had owned 5 properties and now I was losing them all: four to foreclosure and one to a short sale. Oh, and I was filing bankruptcy! How did it get to this? Well, like many others, I had caught real estate fever in the preceding years, hastily snagging up properties without knowing anything about real estate. And like many others I didn’t see the impending crash rapidly approaching on the horizon. And with the crash came pain. I had spent $180,000 personally remodeling my home and even getting it featured in San Diego Home and Garden magazine. I had also proposed to my girlfriend who had accepted to marry this recently bankrupt fool. Although losing money and homes was painful at the time, it was a great learning experience, and a blessing in disguise.
Adriana Prag
Adriana is the broker on record for Red Circle Realty. She oversees all transactions and works closely with clients, title, escrow, buyer’s agents, banks, loan officers, inspectors, appraisers and others to make sure the deal gets closed!
My introduction to real estate was fast and furious. It was exciting to be able to buy my first home, but the ink had barely dried on the closing documents when the market crashed and I found myself on the other end of the table, now selling an upside down home. But through the short sale process I learned about real estate, and I liked it! My fiance and I jumped in head first, taking real estate classes, studying and passing the state licensee exam, joining Keller Williams, and training, training, training. After spending several years learning the ropes and gaining experience, we eventually started our own brokerage. And the rest, they say, is history!